Fluorosilicic Acid

Technical Data Sheet

Chemical analysis Unit Specification
H2SiF6 % 20min -40max
Color,APHA   100 max
HF % 1.0 max
Sulfuric Acid % 0.5max
Arsenic ppm 1 max
Barium ppm 200 max
Beryllium ppm 0.4 max
Cadmium ppm 0.5 max
Chromium ppm 10 max
Copper ppm 130 max
Mercury ppm 0.2max
Lead ppm 1.5max
Antimony ppm 0.6max
Selenium ppm 5max
Thallium ppm 0.2 max
P ppm 1000 max

Physical properties

Physical Description Aqueous,solution,water white to staw-yellow, corrosive acid
Molecular weight 144.08

Dot and freight description

Hazardous material description Fluorosilicic acid
Haz.Mat.Class,I.D.#,packing Group 8,UN 1778,PG II Principle
CAS Number 16961-83-4