Sodium Fluoride

Technical Data Sheet

HS CODE:2826192010
UNNO:1690 CLASS:6.1
Quality Standard
Formula:NaF Molecular:41.99

No. Item Unit Specification
1. NaF purity % 98
2. Sodium Carbonate % 0.5max
3. Silicon Dioxide % 0.5max
4. Sulphate % 0.3max
5. HF % 0.1max
6. H2O(moisture) % 0.5max
7. Heavy metal(As Pb) % 0.04max
8. Available Fluoride % 43.8min
9. Water Insoluble matter % 0.7max
Particle Size
1. -20mesh % 98min
2. +100mesh % 50min
3. -325mesh % 5max


colorless, glittering crystal or white powder; relative density is 2.5-2.6; Melting point 995, boiling point 1695; slightly soluble in alcohol, soluble in water in which it shows alkali.


Mainly used in mechanical razor blade and inlaid steel of a planer tool to reinforce the welding strength, and in melting, refinement and shielding of light metal; and also used as wood anticorrosive agent, in gemicide in brew industry, pesticides (should be painted blue), fluorine water-treating agent.


packed by wovened bag lined with polyethylene plastics, the net weight of each bag is 50g or 25kg