Hydrofluoric Acid

Technical Data Sheet

HS CODE: 28111100
UN NO:1790 CLASS:8.0
Quality Standard:
Molecular formula: HF Molecular weight: 20.01

Item Industrial Grade Reagent Grade
49% 70% 49% 70%
Hydrogen Fluoride (HF), w/ % 49% 70% 49% 70%
Fluorosilicic acid (H2SIF6), w/ % ≤ ≤0.50% ≤0.50% ≤0.0070% ≤0.0070%
Non-volatile acid (H2SO4), w/ % ≤ ≤0.80% ≤0.80% ≤0.0070% ≤0.0070%
SO2 --- --- ≤0.0070% ≤0.0070%
PO4 --- --- Max 5ppm Max 5ppm
Cl --- --- Max 5ppm Max 5ppm
Fe Max50ppm Max50ppm Max5ppm Max5ppm
As Max.100ppm Max.100ppm Max5ppm Max5ppm


The product is a colorless and transparent solution. It has a strongly pungent odor and a strong toxicity. It is very corrosive.


The product is used in chemical industry, metallurgical Industry, glass Industry, atomic energy industry and mine and petroleum exploiting Industry. http://www.shaowufluoride.com/images/pro/1b.jpg Storage: The product should be stored in a storehouse with good ventilation.


It should be treated as Grade A inorganic acid corrosive goods during its transportation. Avoid heating or getting wet in the rain. Slightly load and unload. Avoid striking.


The product is filled in a polythene plastic drum; Also fill it on consumer requests.