Trifluoromethanesulfonic Acid(Triflic Acid)

Technical Data Sheet

Cas no:1493-13-6
EC no:216-087-5
Quality Standard:
Molecular Formula:CHF3O3S Molecular Weight:150.07

Item Inspection
Apperance Colorless or light yellow liquid.
Trifluoromethanesulfonic Acid %≥ 99%
HCL%≤ 0.1%
H2SO4≤ 0.1%
HF,ppm≤ 50


Yellow-brown liquid. Melting point -40 ℃, boiling point 167 ~ 170 ℃,refractive index 1.331,. relative density of 1.708.The strongest organic acids, easily soluble in water. The important reagents for Organic Synthesis.


1.Triflic acid belongs to the class of superacids, it is the strongest Brønstedt acid available at industrial scale.

2.Triflic acid is used as an acidic catalyst in many reactions in organic synthesis (alkylation, esterification, etherification, acylation, isomerization, ethoxylation,cyclization, cationic rearrangement, etc …) and in cationic polymerization.

3.The triflate anion is widely used as intermediate in organic synthesis, since it is an excellent leaving group (up to 30,000 times more effective than tosylate).

4.Due to its unique properties the triflate anion is also an excellent anion for ionic liquids.


It was packed in 90kg/stainless steel drum.