Triflic anhydride

Technical Data Sheet

Cas no: 358-23-6
EC no: 206-616-8
Quality Standard:
Molecular Formula:C2F6O5S2 Molecular Weight:282.13

Item Inspection
Apperance Colorless or light yellow liquid.
Trifluoromethanesulfonic Acid %≥ 99%
water%≤ 500ppm


Yellow-brown liquid. Melting point -40 ℃, boiling point 167 ~ 170 ℃,refractive index 1.331,. relative density of 1.708.The strongest organic acids, easily soluble in water. The important reagents for Organic Synthesis.


1.Triflic anhydride may be used to introduce a protective trifluoromethane sulfonyl group.

2.Triflic anhydride is a strong activator of hydroxyl groups, for example in glycosidation reactions. It is an efficient promoter for inversion configuration and for nucleophilic substitutions.

3.Triflic anhydride may also be used as an activator of phenols or enols for the synthesis of aryl and vinyl triflates.


It was packed in 90kg/stainless steel drum.